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I see a lot of buzz around Gemini - guess I'm going to have to give it a look - seems pretty neat.

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Alright, site is back online - I know people like to dog on wordpress but I think it's great for what it is.

Alright, just going to go back to trusty dusty wordpress.

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My biggest life hack this year has been only using Amazon and Twitter in Firefox Focus.

Deleting dedicated apps (and not being continually logged into them via a browser) makes a huge difference to how you use a platform/service.

yeahhh eleventy is a no go, this is trash.

2 hours into trying to get an eleventy blog set up i'm beginning to wonder wtf i'm doing with my life.

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Government use of face surveillance technology chills free speech, threatens residents’ privacy, and amplifies historical bias in our criminal system. You can help keep it out of our communities.

Main issues at this point is that I only have a rudimentary understanding of blender, but I guess that's just something time will solve.

Also a lot of the tools are Windows based and while Wine certainly works - mostly - there are some catches.

Well after three days of fiddling and learning a lot of new stuff I got my first custom armor in Fallout 4!

My 2021 "Learn something new" goal was to learn some basics of 3d modeling. I started today because I had some free time using Blender.

Results thus far are slow haha, it's very outside my usual comfort zone.

Okay I just impulse bought Fallout 4, so i guess i know what I'm going to be doing...

spending a ton of time modding instead of playing it!

Last really critical thing I need to get done is offsite backups.

I'm not totally sold on Nextcloud's new dashboard though.

Updated Nextcloud today, fixed a few misc server issues and got my zfs backups to the external drive going again.

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Oh and a new set of fans for the front because one was dead and the other makes a weird noise.

Alright I think everything on the new nas/media machine looks good. Probably a two port NIC in it's future but I don't think there's much left to do but shift it back into the rack.

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Phew. Just came from Twitter and boy is that place a hot mess.

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