openfaas is a really neat idea but I just couldn't get it to work proper like I needed.

Oh my gosh I thought it would be easy to deploy a super simple image uploader for Matrix but after like all day I have to give up for now.

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Well my companies migrating to Teams so that means I am now required to be on: Slack, Telegram, Matrix, IRC, and Teams

I also ran through my hurricane plan of shipping all my critical shit up to the cloud (nextcloud, email, bitwarden) and realized two things

1) It's mostly okay and does work
2) Kind of sucks to have to do at all in the event of an emergency

As such I think I will be keeping it all in the cloud for now and just keep the random non-critical shit hosted locally.

Well after a stressful few days it does look like the threat to losing our home due to a collapsing phosphate gypsum stack is in fact decreasing.

That said we are still in an evac area and they won't let anyone back in if they leave so we are stuck hunkering down for now.

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I just realized today is World Backup Day and i'm doing backups.

Since I self host a lot of stuff at home and live in a place prone to hurricanes every year I like to run through my hurricane plan to make sure it's up to date and good to go.

Well apparently my nextcloud duplicacy backups have not worked ever so now it's going to need to backup at least 200gb over a 10Mbps upstream. Whoops

I absolutely despise the spring break crowd. Every year the people become worse and worse. I can't wait to move from this place and I feel so bad for the businesses that have to content with these degenerates.

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It's apparently terraform upgrade day as I go and update tf from 12 to 13 to 14 on 60 workspaces!

Apparently, today is don't drive on the roads after dark day.

@normandy you can reduce the ARC a bit. In general it will uses whatever is available from 80% of the total ram but it does give up the memory if other things need it.

ejabberd is a freaking mess of a server.

Welp my proxmox install has now killed a third SSD so i've moved the install to a zfs mirrored pair of spinners. Not dealing with that shit again.

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It's overcast and rainy today. I should probably finish one of my many projects but it sort of feels like it should be a lazy kind of day.

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