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Bleh, rain all day it looks like... looks like I'm biking indoors today

AWS ECS is most def not my favorite AWS service

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@nebunez Theres not much to it, it gets installed in the wine prefix you want and it'll use it automatically. The github page has instructions on how to install it.

That said, the prefix you are using with lutris may already have it setup. Would need to check what runtime environment it uses (i think thats what its called its been a bit since i used lutris)

Reddit needs to be burned to the ground at this point. What a disaster of a site.

@flameshot Absolutely the best screenshot tool i've used!!

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#Flameshot is a cross-platform (Linux, MacOS, and Windows) fully :opensource: (GPLv3) #screenshot software written in C++ and QT. It is feature rich, lightweight, very intuitive Graphical User Interface, highly configurable, and can also be easily used in shells scripts thanks to the Command Line Interface.

As a Free and #Libre #OpenSource community-driven project, we are glad to be now a member of Fosstodon.org :fosstodon: .

As always, any form of contribution is warmly welcome 🤗

@jumboshrimp I just use Ventoy, it works great and I keep a bunch of different iso's on there. Windows, arch, kali, tails, ubuntu, ect.

One stick to boot them all.

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So been struggling a bit on my training especially when i go out riding hard and started tracking my calories and realized that i'm way under eating. I have to add another 600-800 calories at least on training days.

Well my VFIO Windows setup was actually a raging success. It works excellent

@nebunez I had much better success with the 3rd party launcher over the stock one

At this point I think the job description for DevOps people should just be "always fixing broken shit"

Why is the WiFi on macos so bad, three laptops and each one has super inconsistent and high pings. All three of them exhibit the same issue and makes any latency sensitive thing completely unusable.

Been slacking hard on my workout and diet this week. Bikes been broken but I got the part to fix it this weekend so back on track sunday!

You know things are serious when you have three screens and two laptops going

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