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And now my wife knows what I am referencing everytime I use the line "I'm making an executive decision"

Watched the movie Executive Decision last night and forgot how great of a movie it actually was. Actually really aged well

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Please stop handing Google your users' data by using Google Forms. There's a fine alternative: Nextcloud Forms! Keep your data on your own server. #privacy #GDPR

I am finally deleting my original 20 something year old Google account. I should have done it a long time ago but i had been holding onto it just in case.

Well as it turns out the failure is not the CPU as it happens with the new CPU as well.

At this point i'm 90% sure the mainboard has gone bad.

There really is no consequence to having a data breach as a company outside of having to send a lawyer drafted apology letter and some offer of identity theft monitoring.

Probably cheaper than actually hiring people to secure your infrastructure properly.

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terrifying realization 

@grainloom i took loads of TVs apart as a kid, and i remember someone once saying "isn't there quite dangerous voltage in those" and me replying, as an extremely smart 7-year-old, "no, since the power supply has been switched off, so it's completely safe" and all the adults believing me

So the plan is now to move the lower TDP processors from the R510 into the R710 for now and pick up another set of processors at some point for the R510.

Still can't believe the CPU failed on that thing.

My hard drives got delivered this morning at 7 AM

Well shit, cold spare cpu is dead - had to rebuild the whole cluster on the original machine with a new root drive.

Looks like two new SSDs are going to be ordered and a new CPU.

Woke up to a swap failure on the main node. Reboot and it's back up but it's probably accelerated my need to replace that terrible SSD in there sooner rather than later.

Maybe its just me but i've noticed that a lot of dev/it people have an interest in wood working.

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SaltStack is really nice, I love not having to rely on Ansible over SSH for all these Edge deployments.

Initial testing of StackStorm is looking good, now let's see if i can accomplish the workflow i'm after

ZFS is by far my favorite file system that i've ever used. I don't think I could ever go back to a traditional LVM+ext4 setup ever again.

And even if I did want an ext4 formatted partition, I can do that with ZFS volumes.

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