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New plan, going to start doing my bike ride in the mornings before the outside temp raises to ludicrous levels.

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A bunch of new peeps on @fosstodon this week. There's no corporate algorithm here to spur engagement and drive advertising revenue. Here, you are the algorithm. You spur engagement by sending an introduction. Lurking is cool too but we'd like to get to know you.

I desperately need a new GPU but I'm just not having any luck. Probably just need to give up for now

Looks like its going to be a wet one today, guess I'll be doing the indoor bike instead

Got yelled at yesterday for not having any lights on my bike which is apparently illegal. I told them i had some but they must have fallen off but I get the sense the copper didn't believe me.

Why is Teams so bad. Like it's the worst chat app I have ever used.

Got a nice thunderstorm this morning, super happy about that.

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everyone on dads.cool needs to see and feel this

Oh excellent, I found a 3rd party Garmin API library in Go. Looks like I've got some hacking to do today.

I think at this point I only hate read hackernews

I really want to move away from Garmin but it's the best activity watch I've owned. I just wish they offered an actual API so i could pull the data in myself

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Pro tip: If your API requests take a long time just add a loading indicator with text that says "Making secure connection".

I learned that from every fintech app.

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